Daily Archives: September 15, 2018

Changing Internet provider

The week-long outage and the failure to deduct that week from the bill, combined with a WiFi router limited to 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps through the RJ-45 jack, pushed me to check out Spectrum for our internet, phone, and TV service. Part of the problem I have been having has been with the router bottleneck, and part of the problem was the old equipment not working with my new laptop, but the biggest problem was not refunding money when there was no service. There have been 4 service interruptions of longer than 24 hours and not one adjustment of the bill to reflect that. What really made me decide to change was losing everything for a week, 25% of the service period, and no adjustment of the bill. That is theft and fraud in my eyes.

And of course my mind has been wandering around the place thinking about various vehicle projects I could be doing if I had money. Besides the Sprint-T I have been thinking about a SCCA A-Mod Solo racer, with several variations for powerplant and drive train. I looked at everything from a 670cc Predator V-Twin to the LS1 from the Dale Truck, with a couple of other motorcycle engines thrown in for good measure. I only do that when I’m bored or upset, and Thursday night I was both.

And I’m back, sorry. The battery on the laptop doesn’t last very long and it shut down in the middle of composing this and then I had to leave for meeting a family friend for dinner that turned into an overnight stay with my daughter and her family. Dinner was a cheeseburger with enough meat to feed an Ethiopian family of 4 plus two orders of fries and all the Diet Coke I could drink, while Mrs. the Poet had the quesadillas and tea. I’m slightly embarrassed at the size of the burger, but anything smaller was on the kids only menu, or like Mrs. the Poet’s dinner on the appetizer menu. I really wanted a burger, so that’s what I got. And in a few more days I’m going to get a similar one for free for my birthday. Where’s that eye-bulging emoji when you need it?