Daily Archives: October 11, 2018

Doing an experiment and saving my favorite pair of shorts

I have been experiencing much pain in my right hip that I believe is caused by sleeping on a worn-out futon. So I have been sleeping on the bed in the guest room to test the hypothesis, which after two nights is partially confirmed. I woke up this morning with only mild tenderness in the hip muscles over the actual hip joint instead the actual crippling pain I was waking up to. I felt so good I walked to a place about a mile away where I could by the cats food with the money I had in the card I got from the one gig I had that I can’t even describe without violating the NDA. While I was there I also picked up some shoelaces to repair the drawstring in my favorite pair of shorts. So anywho, I had some problems with getting tired at the end of the walk that affected my balance, but my hip was primo.

And I should have slowed down and taken some pictures of the repair job, but the frayed drawstring is now in the garbage can and the shorts tested just fine when I did the pull-down test after I pulled the drawstring up as tight as I could get it. The repair was actually fairly easy, I pulled as much of the drawstring out of the shorts as I could get, put what is called a bight, basically a u-turn for the string, and threaded the end of one shoestring through it to make a square knot. Rinse, repeat with the other end of the drawstring, then tuck the knots inside the waistband so they don’t come undone later. Then voila my favorite shorts no longer fall down around my ankles when I sneeze, inhale, or bend over and stand up straight quickly. 😈 I can now walk to get the mail without fear of arrest for indecent exposure if I get an allergy attack on the way back to the house from the box with only one hand free.

I mentioned walking to a store a mile away for a 2 mile round trip today, well this was the second 2-mile day in a row after taking the long way out and back to buy a Lotto ticket yesterday, with no hip issues at all either day. So Mrs. the Poet and I are discussing what we need to do to get the good bed into our room. I just want to swap the mattress to the futon frame and the futon to the box spring, while she is saying to move both beds from one room to the other. I’ll update you on the final outcome of the debate after we come to a conclusion.