Daily Archives: October 13, 2018

I didn’t win the Dale Truck engine, or the Lotto

Drat my luck, I still don’t have an engine or transmission for the Sprint-T, and I didn’t win the Lotto Texas drawing Wednesday night. Didn’t match even a single number, so we are still p’ (too impoverished to buy a vowel). I don’t feel good about my chances at the Powerball this Saturday, and I blew off the Megamillions because everybody and their brother were at the local C-Store buying tickets. And my fundage is severely limited this week, so I might not even get a Lotto Texas ticket Saturday.

In news that is totally unrelated to my luck in games of chance, my hip is doing great after the third night of my experiment in mattress exchange. The guest room mattress is not as thin as the futon and doesn’t bottom out like the futon even though it is initially much firmer than the futon, so I don’t get pressure points like I do on the futon. I still have one tender point over the hip, but I have to push on it to find it. That’s the good news, the bad news is Mrs. the Poet refuses to join me on the mattress until it gets moved to our room.

In still other news, I’m working on how to map a tune that will run 87 octane regular gas on the EJ20 JDM Subaru engines that are sold locally for cheap, in the unboosted part of the engine’s performance curve, and also run E85 and lots of boost and a dry-ice chilled air-to-liquid intercooler at low RPM for racing. As I explained (poorly) earlier to stay close to best power on E85 I need to run about 40% more fuel by weight and 42% more by volume than on 87 octane. Now with the $314 ECU I can run a supplemental 16 X 16 engine map under boost to go with the 16 X 16 map for no boost, or build a more coarse 16 X 16 engine map with fewer cells for either boost or no boost that runs richer for E85 with no boost and also has cells for under boost and switch it on at the races, or spend an extra $314 for a second controller to swap to when I get to the race rather than buy a more expensive single controller that can be set up with separate maps for 87 octane and E85 and can switch automatically between the two. Looking online at what is available for <$650 and under I'm not seeing anything with close to the capability of swapping out controllers with race and street maps programmed in. The one that is right on the border has PWM control over adjustable cam timing in hardware, but still won't switch between a race map and a street map with drastically different fuels. Looking at my options I think my best choice is to buy 2 of the $314 controllers, and set one up with a map that gives me maximum fuel economy on the highway with 87 octane and no boost while the other gives best power at low RPMeverywhere in the RPM range with E85. To get best economy I need to get a whole bunch of map cells around cruise RPM and program them for best power at “Best Fuel Economy” mixture which is about as much lean as best power is rich of stoichiometric. And I need a bunch of cells because I might have to swap to a larger injector to handle the fuel flow for E85 at high boost which means I would need tighter control of injector timing at cruise running regular unleaded 87 octane gas. The improvement in actual gas mileage would be small, but the improvement in my peace of mind knowing I had done everything possible to reduce my fossil fuel consumption without actually giving anything up would be, eh?, a little bit.