Daily Archives: October 19, 2018

Another dreary day weatherwise, but hope springs eternal

The MegaMillions jackpot just topped one billion dollars, and there is a valid ticket here in Casa de El Poeta. Since MegaMillions does a straight 30 equal payments it’s easy to figure take-home on at least the first couple of years. And the first year take-home is a staggering $22 million, actually a bit more but I didn’t feel like typing out all those numbers. That money if invested well would be enough to live extravagantly for the rest of my life, which leaves the problem of what to do with the other 29 payments. I mean how many apartment buildings for homeless people can you build? How many houses can you give to your friends and relatives? How many bungalows in out of the way villages in Canada can you buy?

Using the method I agreed upon with Mrs. the Poet many years ago, she gets 2/3 whether she likes it or not while I “make do” with 1/3. The reason I wrote “whether she likes it or not” is because of the responsibility that comes with money after you have enough to cover basic needs and a little for comforts. Which is why I mentioned apartment buildings for homeless people and giving away houses in the opening paragraph. I know that if I win and my name is published I will be covered up in relatives I never met in my life, people asking for money for various “charities” that mostly pay the people running the charity, and people like me who got a raw deal out of life for no good reason, but don’t have the manners to not try to con people out of the money they got via what ever means they got it. So I will preemptively put as much of my money as possible in projects that actually help people directly, by providing cheap or free housing and jobs that cover food and clothing and health care. And now I’m starting to sound like a politician…🤮

But at any rate it would solve my budget problems with the various T-bucket builds, and other toy projects like the A-Mod SCCA Solo racer and the fold-up camper/bicycle. And we could get the cats fixed.🙀 And various medical problems that Mrs. the Poet and I have that we were just “living with” because we don’t have money for treatment.

And it has rained all day, just for informational purposes. We are on high ground so we are free of the stream flooding that has plagued so many here in TX, but we still had soggy cats this afternoon. Unhappy soggy cats.