Daily Archives: November 8, 2018

I remembered to take pictures

Well, this time when I repaired the shorts I remembered to take pictures or ask Mrs. the Poet to take pictures. Just a note, Mrs. the Poet hates my phone for pretty much everything, but especially for taking pictures. Mostly I asked her to take pictures of steps in the process that required both hands to show, and two more hands to take pictures of the step.

So, the situation that needs repair, only one end of the drawstring exposed for tying.
Can't tie this

Finding the right length for the drawstring before cutting.
Wrap it around the waist one and a half times

Finding center and keeping the string from accidentally getting pulled through.
I used a different knot to get slightly more drawstring than the figure 8 knot

Melted the end to prevent fraying.
You would not believe how hard it was to find something that made fire in smaller than bonfire size

The first incision for the removal of the old drawstring.
The snip was made to the left of the line of stitches as seen in the picture.

What was left from the original drawstring.
The remains of the original drawstring.

Now the real work begins, threading the new string through the original tunnel from the old drawstring.
Remember the old adage about how impossible it was to push a rope?

Twenty minutes later it’s time to start the other side.
Rope successfully pushed by tying a knot in the end and pushing that

The other side had more stuff to get around, and took about a half-hour to work, but finally.

And there you have it. Lots of pictures, not many words, and I can keep my favorite shorts up when I stand.