Trying to deal emotionally with the Trans Day of Remembrance

First of all, I’m cisgendered, not trans, happily living the gender I was assigned at birth, but I have literally dozens of trans friends and acquaintances that I worry about at least a little bit every day. And every time I hear or read about a trans person getting killed I fear it is someone I know, or someone one of my friends knows. And days like today just bring all of that back to the front of my mind. If you go through my FB friends list there are a much higher portion of trans people than exists in random populations. I don’t seek them out, it just kinda worked out that way. I guess when you care about people in one sense, they seek you out for other senses of care. I have been an outspoken bicycle advocate for years, ditto advocate for minorities and women, and somehow I managed to get known as someone who cares about trans people, witness the number of homeless trans people who have spent time regrouping at my house.

But I still worry about them, a little.

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