Daily Archives: December 10, 2018

Breaking News: My hands are still borked

Well, hand singular, as the right hand still functions within tolerances. And that is a call back to how my business partner and I used to greet each other when we were in the same room instead of just the same country. “How ya doin’?” “Functioning within design tolerances if not design specifications. How about you?”

Yesterday we role-played the barbecue with the orcs and trolls and hangers-on, with much karma and contact points accrued. I got mine because you don’t give away 4 tons of real meat to starving people used living on soy and bugs without someone appreciating you for it, and the rest of the party because of whatever the inverse of guilt-by-association is, maybe halo effect? Anywho they got level one group contacts with one loyalty, I got level 3 with 3 loyalty. Mine are not quite take-a-bullet, but high enough. I have access to most of the gang activity on the east side of the DFW Sprawl and most of the rest of the sprawl, with multiple “favors” owed, because I. Take. Care. Of. People. They’re just Different-looking People. Which is just like I am IRL, easiest role-playing I ever did.

Now we are going to make a run where we steal a dog so it can be bugged and record the owner’s activities 24/7 by a third party hacking the dog’s RFID chip. And yes I know that can’t happen in this world, but this is Shadowrun with tech that interfaces prosthetic genitals to relay real sexual pleasure so of course the ID chip can be hacked into an audio-visual listening device. The hard part will be making sure the dog is awake and looking in the desired direction when something of interest to our employers is taking place, but that’s their problem, not ours. Ours is just to grab the dog from the owner’s purse and deliver it to the employer, then return it without getting caught. I’m going to suggest that on the return we claim we found it wandering the street near Casa de El Poeta and saved it from being somebody’s dinner and when we scanned the ID chip we found out who owned it. And if I bring it back I think it would be more likely to be believed, because I would be in my Benevolent Philanthropist role, not my Runner role.

And that pretty much covers the weekend for me, how are you?