Daily Archives: December 19, 2018

The bad dream is finally over

I finally paid the ER bill for the DVT that wasn’t. I went through what could only be described as a Kafkaesque fever dream of declined cards with more than enough in the account and 6 attempts to pay before finally getting the bill paid.

First I had to get the money out of the fund we had set aside for taxes and emergencies, after we got the bill I mentioned. I got the full amount out in case I had to pay the billed amount. Then I called the billing office yesterday and negotiated a lower bill, that was still too high IMHO but as I had the $$ I really didn’t feel like pursuing the matter further. Then things got really fun. First I paid the bill for the facility, which went through without a hitch. Then I tried to pay the bill for the radiologist, only to get declined in spite of having several thousand dollars more that the payment in the account (I got the money for taxes at the same time I did the money for the ER bill). Apparently I exceeded my withdrawal limit for the day, embarrassing but sh!t happens.

So I called back again the next day to complete the process, only to get declined again for the same reason, in spite of the fact that I hadn’t made any new withdrawals that day. I called my bank and demanded (in a calm voice) to know WTF was going on. And it seems “what was going on” is previous day withdrawals are not posted until 0001, and count against current day withdrawals when determining if the current withdrawal is below the limit. This is going to be tons of fun come time to pay the taxes…

So, I got a temporary increase in my limit to complete my transaction, and the total bill came to $2628.67 instead of the $3300+ billed. And because I still have short hair that’s too short to grab and pull I still have most of the hair I had at the beginning of the process.