Daily Archives: January 4, 2019

Stock and tools are on the premises, building to commence soon?

The tools and the last of the stock arrived yesterday, and for the most part I’m happy. The stock that replicates the bars in the 4 link and the swingarms is like wet pasta flexible, but I’m hoping for something with a bit more rigidity when it gets cut to length. Part of it is the long column problem, and part is styrene is just not as rigid as other plastics in part because it is heat-formable. So it’s a worse case scenario of unfavorable physics and materials coming together to make something nobody wants to deal with. Except I have to because reasons.

Technically I don’t have to deal with it, I could buy some 1mm O.D. brass or stainless steel tubing and have a much more rigid stock, but that is not compatible with the rest of the materials I’m using, it doesn’t glue the same and putting the fittings on it would be a bit of a logistics problem not to mention the color-matching issues between painted brass or stainless steel, and styrene. Paint just doesn’t come out the same on the metals as it does on plastic.

Also I played around a bit with the tools and while I can do more than I could with the big knife and the single-edge razor blades I was working with I’m still not happy with the control I have making cuts in thick materials like the 0.040 sheet I got this week. What I really need is something like the big knife, but as sharp as the razor blades, so I have the control I have with the big knife. I think I saw something in the Harbor Freight catalog that will do the trick, but I’ll know more when I get to the store when I go to get the butane torch.

And I need to get to bed now, so this is the end for tonight.