Daily Archives: January 5, 2019

More stuff arrived, part MMXXIX

Well, something for the 1:1 scale Sprint-T arrived, inspired by free shipping and Mrs. the Poet giving me the engine hoist for Christmas, and it’s something essential for driving the car second only to the steering wheel. Let me show you what it is.
The cover was in a different box inside the delivery box and I was in a hurry to check the fit in the car and on me

As you can see, without the mounting bracket it doesn’t set straight inside the body. The black stripe is where my personal centerline is supposed to be inside the car, and the seat is a bit off to the side and a few degrees off plumb. Also I was in a hurry to check the fit both inside the car and on my backside, so I didn’t take the seatcover out of the separate box inside the delivery box. That delivery box was almost as big as I am. This was also before I tweaked the rib supports to not bite me in the latissimus dorsi quite so much. The seat was actually a bit wide through the butt, but painfully tight in the chest area the first time I tried to sit in it even without the cover. The only way I could breathe was to keep my arms up and my lats stretched out. Getting back out to adjust the rib supports was really tricky and brought much amusement for Mrs. the Poet.

A better view of how much room it really has in the car.

Lots of room when the proper seat mount is bolted to it to raise the seating surface 3 inches above the bottom of the bucket

These pictures were taken prior to “adjusting” the left side rib support which you can see in the top picture is a bit closer than the right. I might need to “adjust” both sides a bit more before I start building the seat mount, because I literally can’t put my arms down from the “9 and 3 o’clock on the steering wheel” pose even without the cover. By using my body weight and holding the seat down with one foot I was able to use the other to move the left side rib support out until it was even left to right with the right side. Now I need to figure out how to move them both out by about an inch so I can sit in the car without holding on to the steering wheel, which comes out by the way. If Mrs. the Poet didn’t recycle the old phone books I think I might be able to do it without scratching the shiny aluminum seat.

And it’s kinda late at night/early in the morning (0500) so this seems like a good spot to wrap this up and go to bed.