Daily Archives: January 12, 2019

Another place-holder post

Not much to say, I got the butane torch and a pack of AAA cells (some people call them batteries, but some people also say the Earth is flat, and we never went to the moon (the first set is entirely contained within the second set)).

I wasn’t able to find the kind of gloves I was looking for because I had to go catch a bus or spend another hour waiting for the next one, and it was raining. So I made a quick dash down the glove aisle at Harbor Freight but didn’t stop to take a close look at anything. What I was looking for might have been there but I didn’t take the time to look hard enough.

We tried to play some Shadowrun, but the files for today’s game were not in the folder when the GM tried to set up today’s running. So we watched while the GM spent a few hours trying to track down the files before coming to the conclusion she either deleted instead of saving, or that she dreamed/hallucinated the whole thing. Then we spent some time discussing side effects of psychiatric medication (of which everyone in the room and on the chat had experience with) and then discussed ordering out or going out to eat. That was settled by doing a time analysis and deciding we didn’t have time for either one before my drop dead for transit time. I live 1:45 by bus away from where we play, so time-management skills are paramount.

Another skill I need to work on is battery-management for my cell phone, because I left the game site with what was supposed to be 2 hours of battery remaining, and ran out of battery before I got to the bus stop. Fortunately the drivers believed me when I said my GoPass was active with a valid pass when my phone died.

Then I got home and put my phone on the charger and ate dinner.