Daily Archives: January 18, 2019

Robert Burns was an optimist.

In case that went over your head he was the one who wrote the comment about making plans whether you were a mouse or human. Depending on which transcription you have the last phrase reads either “gang aft agley” or “oft gang agley”. Well today’s plans went very “agley” because after being awake for nearly 20 hours and spending several hours on various “devices” my neck decided that I wasn’t going to be taking any walks. And paying taxes required a long walk of about a mile, more or less. So connecting the dots, working the Venn diagram, whatever you want to call it, I was not able to pay taxes. And I didn’t get to bed until about 1400, which was shortly before I got up yesterday. Now tomorrow will be fun as I spend another 20 or so hours awake to reset my sleep cycle to something resembling diurnal. After I get back from grocery shopping.

Speaking of shopping one thing I still need to get is butane for the plastic bending torch. That original sentence was “rod bending” but then I remembered some of my raw stock was only available as tubing in the size I needed, so “plastic bending” now. And I’m finding out stuff about what I need to use for the bending form. The SFI rule for certifying roll cage/bar bends is they need to have a minimum centerline radius of 3*D where D is the outside diameter of the tube used in the structure. That means I need to make my bending form 2((3*0.060)-0.030) in diameter for scale SFI-certifiable bends, or 0.3″ diameter which is almost exactly the OD of a 5/16″ fine-thread bolt over the threads. So my bender would have a 5/16″ bolt with washers permanently fixed just over 0.060″ apart held in some kind of fixture and the OD of the washers turned down to 0.420″ to allow for the bender follower to force the stock against the OD of the bending form. And I know that’s a lot of technical babble for a paragraph, much less for a single sentence, Gomen nasai and I really hope I spelled that right, it has been more than 20 years since I was in a Japanese class. In case I didn’t spell that right that is the Formal Apology (I don’t remember the informal form), because when you inflict your mistakes on strangers like I just did you must use the Formal form to apologize.

Moving on… the weather has done a Texas Weather thing, we are going from nearly 70°F this afternoon to just above freezing with rain and gale-force winds in the morning. 😡 and 🤒 At least both cats were smart enough to come in from the rain this time. 😼 The forecast for grocery shopping is less rainy, warmer, and less windy.


Today I go pay taxes

The forecast for the AM is great, PM starts to turn cold and possibly rainy by late afternoon. So the plan is stay up all night and go pay taxes in the morning. I am hopeful I can get this all done by noon and only have to buy an AM pass instead of having to buy both halves of a day pass (one AM and one PM pass are the same cost as a day pass). It’s supposed to be about 45°F (7°C) when I leave, rising to 60° (15.5°C) by the time my AM pass expires. Like I said I hope the lines are short enough to get through by noon so I don’t have to spend the money for a PM pass to make my costs the same as a day pass. And yes I’m “frugal” (AKA “cheap”). You can’t live on $10K/year without being frugal to the point of being “cheap”. Old family brag: We pinch a penny so hard Abe squeaks.

I don’t like paying taxes out of savings, but I like what happens if taxes aren’t paid even less. Now I’m not talking about civil or criminal penalties, I’m talking about what our property taxes buy, like streets and libraries, schools and police and most especially the fire department. Real life has shown that while these can be done by private industry, it costs less and is done better by people not out to make a profit out of it, because inevitably the money for the guys on top doubles or even triples the cost of the service compared to government-run services. Because let’s just admit it when we let “free enterprise” control essential services the guy that runs/owns the “service” is going to “service” himself financially first and foremost, maybe pay the workers half of what they would get from the government or less if he can get away with it, and spend as little on equipment as possible. I’m not making this up, this is what has actually happened in places where fire and ambulance service is provided by non-government providers.

So, after the sun comes up I’m going out to pay my taxes because I like what taxes buy.