Daily Archives: February 19, 2019

If I had the money and a truck with a trailer…

This would be the powertrain for the T-Bucket . Seriously, I would love to have a battery-powered bucket, but the up-front outlay would break me if I made the range work for cross-country trips between races. And it wouldn’t be a very practical car if I only put in enough battery for running Goodguys or SCCA Solo racing to keep the weight down. Most of the issues are due to budget constraints caused by not actually having enough money to call it a “budget”.

I’m going to be honest in that I have wanted to make an EV for a while, particularly for the T-Bucket project. What always stopped me was the low performance or the weight and range issues caused by the battery chemistry available at the time.

And I’m face-planting into the keyboard again, so time to put the post and the writer to bed.