Daily Archives: February 24, 2019

I’m not dead yet, I feel happy [/Monty Python]

I have been fighting so many fires, and just got handed another one yesterday. I checked my balance to see if I had enough to buy lunch after I got done at the Lab Rat Keeper on Wednesday and instead of the small positive balance I was expecting after spending $6 at the comic book store going out of business I found a -$75 balance. Seriously, first of all the exactly $75 deficit triggered my BS alarm, independent of the fact I should have $8 and change from counting my purchases after the last time I checked. I’m no dummy I keep track of my balance and expenditures, subtract the latter from the former, and I’m coming up with roughly $83 in unexplained withdrawals. I will have to contact my banking services provider in the morning to find out WTH is going on. The only thing I can think of is I finally connected my checking account and my PayPal account so that I can spend money I made online anywhere, and they pulled $75 from my checking account for some reason, but that still doesn’t explain the rest of it.

But as they say, any day above ground is a good one. I’m going to get ice cream for dessert tonight, my constant barrage of probiotic foods has corrected my digestive issues that were blocking the plumbing last week and we had roasted vegetables again with dinner. I have enough to eat even if sometimes it’s food I would rather avoid so I can’t complain too much about that. I have a warm place to sleep in the winter that isn’t too hot in the summer, so that’s good as well. I’m ahead of a significant portion of the world’s population. I find that both abhorrent and amazing. How did I get so lucky and at the same time so unlucky? Lucky that so many of my needs are covered, unlucky that so many needs are still unmet. Blessed but still fighting for more, because half a cup is still not the full cup.

And just had a discussion with Mrs. the Poet about the difference between a musician covering a piece of music and a massive corporation remaking movies they already own just before the copyrights expire. One is a lack of creativity and a money grab, the other is just how music works. I mean nobody has ever told an opera company staging “La Boehme” to write new operas, or folk singers to stop singing Woody Guthrie, but megacorporations doing the same stuff over and over again is just a lack of either creativity or lack of daring. Lack of creativity can be laid at the education system failing to teach how to think, lack of daring is another thing entirely. Of the year’s output from Disney we get sequels and remakes, generally regarded as pretty much guaranteed profitable, and a few shorts made by Pixar creatives working mostly by themselves for fun. PpHaaaa! The definition of creative is doing what other people aren’t, not doing what you did already years ago. That’s what makes the Sprint-T creative, nobody is making a dedicated T-bucket hot rod for autocross and solo racing. I’m not actually building it right now but I’m trying to build it.

And if you’ll excuse me I need to be even more creative.