Daily Archives: February 27, 2019

Well this sucks, again

I should be on my way back from visiting the Lab Rat Keeper instead of composing a post. But the tubes they need for this study still haven’t arrived from the people doing the study. I’m starting to wonder what they are trying to study in my blood.

On another note I’m almost done reading a book about the Mercedes pushrod engine that won Indy in 1994 when USAC changed the rules to make the pushrod engine more durable. They could have done that by allowing larger V8 engines at the same boost as the DOHC engines, but they didn’t and only the Penske team had the super pushrod engine because they were the only ones to build to the rule change. Now they have what is essentially a spec series that no longer allows innovation but back then they had multiple engine manufacturers and some sold more than one type of engine, and everybody had to build or buy their own chassis and body. So there were lots of different solutions to the problem of winning the 500 mile race on Memorial Day. The name of the book is Beast: The Top Secret Illmor-Penske Race Car That Shocked the World at the 1994 Indy 500. I mean seriously a SBC destroked to 5 liters wasn’t even that hard a build, it could be done with factory parts (and was during the Trans-Am racing heyday with the 302 Z28) and would live all day at the same 700 HP the DOHC engines were making, and there was also the slightly smaller Ford 302 that was sold in the Mustang every day…

I’m reading the book because it was a $0.99 special for Kindle while I was on Prime, and I take inspiration for the T-Bucket build from many sources. Also it is a good book, well-written, and perfect to read a few chapters from before I go to bed. Also I can relate, while not as awesome as building an engine from a blank piece of paper I am building a car from basically scratch here. Problems arise that must be solved, in both scenarios.

Moving back to the Mini Sprint-T build, I’m having parts supplier problems with the stuff I bought from Dirt Modeler. I paid for the order 2019-01-23 and here it is 2019-02-27 and no parts. Now I can build this model without the stuff from Dirt Modeler, but it would look much better with them. Especially the seat , which is basically the same seat I have with a few lightening holes to reduce weight and increase manufacturing costs at full scale. In scale it doesn’t cost any more to put the holes in than leave them out because the whole part is made by photoetching, a process I used to work with when I made computer chips at TI. Basically the part is laid out in CAD, an image is generated and projected on to a sheet of metal covered in a photosensitive acid resistant coating that hardens when exposed to light (or gets soluble when exposed to light, there are many different kinds of resists) and the part that is not the pattern gets washed away (called “developing”) and then they wash the sheet with acids or other corrosives until they have a 2D unfolded version of a seat, or a computer chip, or thousands of other applications that use this process. The site is only showing 5 seats remaining so they removed the seat I bought from stock, but as of today’s mail it still hasn’t made an appearance at Casa de El Poeta.