Daily Archives: March 5, 2019

Nothing to see here, this is just me posting my writing practice

I don’t have much if anything to write about today, I’m just trying to keep my writing circuits open by writing what comes to mind, semi-stream-of-consciousness. Or I would if the cat will get off the keyboard. Hang on a second until I pay proper attention to Clint.

Speaking of Clint (and his brother Clyde) they must have gotten quite the scare when they went walkabout last week just before it turned really cold, because they wouldn’t go out for any reason for almost as long as they went missing, and jumped up and hid from everybody whenever the door opened. Even people they were used to caused panicked scrambles for a place to hide. They haven’t reacted quite as much to vehicles outside, no more than usual really, so I’m thinking they were frightened by a person and not nearly hit by a car or other vehicle. Usually the only notice they pay to vehicles are the painfully loud ones that even Mrs. the Poet and I dislike. I like loud cars, but there is a time and place for loud cars and driving through residential areas at night is not the time nor place for a loud car. Daytime is only somewhat more acceptable for time if a residential area is the place.

Speaking of loud cars brings the Sprint-T to mind and the exhaust system I want for it to the subject. I know from previous research both mine and others that a really long straight-through absorption muffler can give a quiet engine note and not reduce performance, but the size muffler needed and the fact I’ll need two of them for a V8 engine makes the cost a factor. The small ones are cheap, but the ones long enough to make an engine quiet without choking the exhaust flow are not cheap, and most cost more than the mufflers touted as “quiet performance”. I could make my own by drilling hundreds of holes in a properly sized tube as long as I think needed, maybe as much as 6 feet (~ 1.9 m) for the actual core and potentially about 80″ full length between the tires to give a pretty quiet engine note that’s still nice and rumbly, and because straight through mufflers with a perforated core actually flow more exhaust than a straight pipe I get better power and gas mileage. I just have to drill lots of holes and weld a shell to fit over a sound absorbing packing. Yay me! 😑