Daily Archives: March 11, 2019

I had my annual Guinness

I went to Irishfest here in Dallas yesterday courtesy of a friend who bought 2 day tickets to attend with a (different) friend who couldn’t make the second day. So I bought a small amount of stew in a large hollowed-out bun they called a Bread Bowl, and about 12 oz. of Guinness. I generally only get one Guinness a year if I can get to a place that sells them, because they taste better that way. Kinda like eggnog is great once or twice a year, but gets old when you drink it every day. I also spent some time listening to groups I never heard of playing what sounded like the same song with different lyrics, because there aren’t enough Irish tunes. And my step tracking app claimed I did about 8500 steps shopping and wandering from stage to stage.

I missed both of the races yesterday, so I have no idea who won the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race in Phoenix nor the IndyCar race in St. Petersburg. I kinda care but not so much.

On the Sprint-T I have made the decision to go with a junkyard LS engine, probably a 5.3l truck engine because they run about $3-500 without electronics and I would need a standalone controller for a T-bucket installation anyway, and a healthy 5.3 in stock tune makes enough power and low RPM torque to make 90% of the performance I want. I have also decided that for balance I need to mount the radiator in place of the tailgate of the pickup bed and suck the air from under the bed, and use the space in front of the engine for oil and transmission coolers and a large engine air filter next to the steering box. The radiator fans will also clean up the undercar airflow by making a low pressure area about where the flow from the diffuser starts to detach from the bellypan. This will have the double benefit of reducing drag and increasing downforce for better fuel economy and handling during transit between races, not so much at the speeds projected for Goodguys autocross courses. Now for SCCA Solo Racing the speeds at longer courses like at Nationals get into the area that can benefit from downforce, so for 2 of the 3 uses I have projected for the car this would be a good thing while not being a bad thing for the other.

And I have run out of things to write about today except for politics, which can be found on my Twitter page @opusthepoet . Peace out, y’all.