Bad news, and worse news

I finally made it to the doctor for my free Lasik preop examination Tuesday, and as the headline says it wasn’t all good news. In fact there was hardly any good news, so I’ll hit that first: I don’t have glaucoma or even seriously elevated intra-ocular pressure that precedes glaucoma.

Now the bad news. My cornea is too thin for Lasik to work with the amount of correction I need to focus on the retina. My cornea is 510 µm thick, and my eyes are so bad that I need 620 µm to have any kind of safety margin after reshaping. So absent additional surgery I would still need to wear glasses after Lasik, but they would be much lighter.

And to make things worse/better, I have cataracts and they are progressive. At this time they only affect my night vision and do not affect my vision with normal amounts of light, but they will get worse and eventually require a lens replacement. That’s the worse, the better is when they do the lens replacement my distance vision will get corrected and I’ll just need glasses for close work, the exact opposite of now where I take my glasses off for close work, and they can fix the astigmatism with a light pass with the Lasik that still leaves a safety margin.

And in the meantime I will buy some new glasses for the first time in almost a decade.

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