I’m back from an adventure!

I spent a week visiting a friend at his antebellum home in TN, on the registry of historical buildings and built in 1839. When it was modernized with indoor plumbing in the early 20th century they didn’t have room for a shower, so part of my adventure was getting trapped for 30 minutes in the bathtub as I scrambled to get enough traction on the bottom of the tub to get my feet under my center of gravity to stand up. This was because I made the mistake of washing the crud off the bottoms of my feet. There was also the issue of my arms being too short to lift myself up high enough to just swing my feet underneath me. I mean seriously, I can’t even get my butt clear when I push down as hard as I can on my chair, bones don’t stretch. Another negative effect of having a Flintstones build, Fred not Wilma. Wilma’s hands can reach below her butt, Fred’s and mine don’t.

The house is getting the kitchen remodeled, one of the few things allowed under the regulations, and it still didn’t have a functional kitchen. So as a result we had a tour of the finest mid-price eateries of Franklin TN. There was also a very high pollen count that managed to upset my digestion because I managed to swallow some I was allergic to, so I got to see lots of public restrooms as well for a couple of days. Yay fun! But it wasn’t all negative, there was a lot of fun stuff we did while Mrs. the Poet and I were there, including catching up with old friends in person instead of over the phone or by e-mail. Most of these friends are from over 30 years ago when we lived just outside Nashville. While I was there I also caught up on some anime I didn’t get to finish because either I ran out of money before I ran out of series, or the shop I was buying at closed before the last episodes were released and when I found a new shop they weren’t available any more. So it was still good and I got to hang with my friend of more than 30 years.


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