Daily Archives: May 10, 2019

I need to pay more attention to my post count

I let my 3000th post pass by without notice ages ago. This is post 3213 which means Post 3K was way back last summer or late spring. Since WP has stopped showing the post number during creation and looking it up doesn’t show anything except the date of publication. So the only way I knew this post’s number was looking up how many posts I had done on my site dashboard.

As I posted last time, we have AC now, and part of the new AC was a new programmable thermostat, which is now programmed for both good sleep and low electricity use. The temperature goes down after midnight when it’s cooler out, and starts to come back up after sunrise, and the hysteresis between AC off and heat on is wide enough that there will be at least a couple of months where neither part of the system will be active. To use an old punch line points at head Kidneys! Daytime summer is 75°F, daytime winter is 65° and nighttime both is 3°F cooler than daytime. The winter setting is cold enough that I’ll actually have to wear long pants and a T-shirt, the summer setting is cool enough to be able to wear clothes during the day. I took Mrs. the Poet into account by making the winter setting at night bearable with a heavy blanket but not piles and piles of blankets, basically where the thermostat stays all year long for heat. So she’ll be more comfortable during the day this winter, and about the same at night and more likely to snuggle at night, because I have always been a furnace at night.

On the social front I have been invited to a lunch by the GM of the Shadowrun group I play with. We have too many people either out of town or working on game day that we won’t be able to have a game until some time in June, so those of us still in town are having a get-together because the group is about the only human interaction some of us get outside of work, and for those of us who work at home… Well I’m sure you get the idea.