Daily Archives: May 16, 2019

Tried to buy shoes, found closed stores instead

I went to two places to find shoes, the Nike store and the Payless. The Nike store was locked with blacked-out windows, and the Payless was selling the shelves and countertops because they were closing that store forever, and even if they still had other stores those stores did not need more shelves or countertops. What I see on the ground does not jibe with the news from DC, our “booming economy” is mostly making booms as it creates craters. I’m going to keep trying to find shoes as the ones I have now start falling apart as the uppers are starting to crack and develop holes that will soon spread into gaping chasms and eventually that part of the shoe declaring independence from the oppressive rule of the sole and heel. I’m just trying to find some shoes that I can walk around in and not trip because the edge of the sole caught on a sidewalk crack or other foolishness, and it’s beginning to look like actual shoe stores are an endangered species. Sure I can still get shoes at big box stores, but those are mostly “find what fits in the pile” rather than actual knowledgeable sales people helping find what you need. And since I only buy shoes when the old ones wear out completely I’m not “up” on what is and more importantly isn’t available to fit my needs.

The “funny” thing is after the most recent therapy I stopped walking the way I used to with using my heel to stop the forward fall and then shoving off violently from my big toe, so the heels and soles are lasting pretty good, but the uppers are getting flexed pretty hard on the right foot so that fails from fatigue instead of friction. So I’m stuck with shoes that have pretty decent soles, but you can scratch my toes without having to untie my shoe on the right foot. And I have a stack of left shoes that still have a lot of wear left in them because even the old way I walked didn’t wear out shoes because of all the muscle and nerve damage from the wreck.

And the worst of it is I’m so “stove up” as my wife puts it, that a day out shopping and riding the bus takes at least a day to recover, if not two days. So doing things precludes doing more things until two or three days later. Some of it is because I’m getting old, but most of it is because I got hit with several trucks before I got old. I’m in better shape than most of the trucks but that isn’t saying much.

I hope you readers have a good day and I’m going to have a good day in spite of everything. Carpe noctem or however it is said, seize the night!