Daily Archives: May 18, 2019

Well, that was easy

When brick and mortar stores close, there is still their on line store to go to. I was even able to get the same shoe I bought before when their brick and mortar store nearby closed, which will be delivered by next Saturday, the Air Monarch in 8.5 mens / 10 womens, and also got a tip, a chart of converting mens and womens sizes for women with wide feet and men with narrow feet. Us guys with skinny feet can buy a womens regular or women with wide feet can buy a mens regular because that’s how it’s done. I clicked the button for womens regular for my skinny feet…

Which means I don’t need to go find the last brick and mortar discount shoe store on this side of Dallas County to find cheap shoes that fit.

I have other stuff that will be coming in eventually, which I will share when it arrives, including one thing I’m really excited about that I won’t tell you about until I have it in my hot little fist because it can all still go sideways in a hot second.

That’s enough for today, I’ll see y’all later.