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Update from the Lab Rat Keeper appointment

There was lots of good news from the latest trip to the Lab Rat Keeper. First of all, I’m going to survive the near future barring accident, another murder attempt, or getting caught in another weather incident. BP was 128/88, pulse was 68 (which is a little high considering a few years back I had a rest pulse of 42) and weight was 201.6 pounds after breakfast. That means if I had been fasting I would have been under 200. Heart and lungs both sounded good and my ears are squeaky clean. My step tracker says I walked about 2 miles total between getting lunch and getting to and from the bus, so that’s good.

The main takeaway from this visit is I need better cardio than walking, as shown by my 68 rest pulse compared to 42 when I was riding 120 miles round trip to have lunch with my friend in a nursing home in Sherman. Since I can barely walk much less run it seems like I need to find/build a bike or trike I can get on and ride. The ride part I can handle but the “get on” part has been difficult the last couple of years. I have been thinking about building a stationary trainer in the living room, but Mrs. the Poet has been a little askance at another project. But compared to the average American I’m a pillar of health aside from the numerous old injuries causing me problems.

And I also need to get out more and do more walking, but there aren’t that many places to walk to near Casa de El Poeta. There’s a convenience store about 1.2 miles round trip, a dollar store I pass on the return leg that would be about a mile round trip if I went directly, and a strip mall with a major grocery store that’s just over 2 miles round trip and another one where I pay my cellphone bill once a month that’s 1.8 miles round trip, all in different directions. Just to satisfy curiosity I plotted the shortest route that went to all 4 locations without doubling back by the house and it’s a little over 4 miles. So I could walk to all of those places, but it would be a slog and there really isn’t much to do except buy things I have no way to carry home. There are a Whataburger and another convenience store as well as the place where I get my toes done in the strip mall with the grocery store, so I could make those a more frequent trip with multiple stops nearby to combine buying lottery tickets with fast food or getting my toes done with lottery tickets or fast food… which when you stop and think about it is slightly depressing, the only thing within walking distance worth walking to regularly is fast food. Really good fast food, but it still has all the health issues that come with fast food.

And now instead of feeling good about the trip to the LRK I’m a little down about how little there is to do here without a 🚗 or a 🚲 or a 🛸. I really need to get one of those that I can use, any of them. Can you imagine picking up the groceries with 🛸? 😂


Happy Solstice!

This is not a very important holiday in the Pagan liturgy, more of a “Take a break and celebrate living” kind of thing. so if the weather is good for you this is a good time for love under the stars.

Except for those of you South of the Equator, throw another log on the fire and snuggle under a warm blanket.

We’re getting a new mattress!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be getting this excited about a mattress, but we have been getting by with used futons that still had use left in them for over a decade, until the foam collapsed in the one we have now and left us sleeping against the futon frame with a few layers of tired cotton between the collapsed layers of foam “cushioning” us. Mrs. the Poet had been looking for a replacement futon without success, then we decided to get a regular mattress to use on the futon frame. There was a sale at the local Mattress Firm, and we snagged a nice mattress for a good price including delivery and tax.

After mattress shopping was completed I celebrated by walking past the McDonald’s to the Wendy’s and purchasing a Son of Baconator combo meal with the medium fries and drink, with free refills for seniors, because I just look that old, dangit. Hypothetically I’m not supposed to get senior discounts until I’m Mrs. the Poet’s age, but this was another case of getting the senior discount without asking for it, but free refills on my drink is not that big a thing because most people sneak a refill or 2 anyway, I was just told to go ahead and get as many as I wanted. And because I’m a big boy and ate all my dinner I got a chocolate chunk cookie to go with it for dessert.

Then things went a little sour on the way home when I tripped getting on the bus and fell flat on my face. On the bright side I proved I can still get up from the floor if I need to, on the amusing side I tripped on the handicap ramp (not deployed), and to round things out I barked my shin enough to draw blood. and now it’s late and I want Egg Nog Ice Cream before I go to bed.

Messed up my lab rat keeper appointment

I forgot to set my alarm last night and while I woke up in time I didn’t get out of bed until it was already too late to catch the bus for my appointment. This led to frantic phone calls and eventual rescheduling for next week. And I think the reason I forgot was I was thinking the appointment was for Thursday instead of today.

And other than that nothing new going on around here, everybody misses Mrs. the Poet as she cavorts in Upstate NY with her relatives, my diet is whatever I can make to eat in single-serving portions because I’m not good with leftovers, and I’m running out of pants before I accumulate a full load of laundry because it’s just me making the laundry as well as washingloading the machine, and I don’t have that many pairs of pants. So I end having to do partial loads about twice a week.

And I really need another massage but I already spent my massage budget for the month, and also I need to find a new mattress for the bed in the master bedroom, which is going to ding me $250-400. so the choice becomes “Massage or a comfortable place to sleep?” and given I’m sharing this comfort or lack thereof with Mrs. the Poet over the long term and a massage makes only me feel better for two days if the therapist is highly skilled at best there really is no choice. I have to buy the mattress. This is turning into an expensive year, new AC, new mattress, and new glasses after that. My tightwad heart can’t stand to keep opening my wallet/checkbook like that. 🙂

Still among the living for the nonce

Several things have happened since the last post, not the least of which is I managed to get back to the barber shop while they were still open. I present photographic proof that this happened.
The top is flat again
I have eliminated the fin that had been on top of my head in preference to the flight deck of a (very small) aircraft carrier.

Earlier I managed to get to a massage, on Wednesday. I discovered I had many small cuts I didn’t know about before the massage lotion got into them, literally dozens of cuts from the hail and the debris in the wind and the flood waters. Since I took a shower after I got home after the flood I’m going to assume the brand of body wash I use is very non-irritating, because I know I washed my legs at least two more times before I went for the massage and never felt anything that would lead me to believe I had so many cuts on my legs. Fortunately I did not get any infections from the nasty flood waters.

After my massage I tried the Korean tofu place next door as it was coming up on dinner time and I had skipped lunch after a very light breakfast. I had a veggie tofu stew that was moderately spicy (although the kimchi had a definite bite) and very good and filling. And as I was in the neighborhood I stopped at the Harbor Freight to pick up some more basic tools I needed for the brake kit I got, SAE and 12-point sockets. I have been working on bikes for so long all my sockets were metric, and even then there weren’t any 12-point sockets. All the hardware in the kit was SAE except the Torx, and the SAE was a mix of hex and 12-point. Anywho, now I have sockets that fit the hardware so I can assemble the rest of the kit to the front axle.

And speaking of axles and whatnot I have another weight estimate on the Sprint-T based on actual parts I have in my possession instead of the catalog weight, which turned out to be about 10% optimistic. So, drumroll please, the new estimated weight with the race fuel tank full is 1800-1850 pounds. Some weights didn’t change, the weight of the transmission went up a lot because it is a different type of transmission (4l80 instead of the lighter but weaker 4l60/70) and I added that extra 10% to weight at the catalog or website for the rear axle, to the “110” pound rear axle assembly I figured at 121 instead, ditto for the fuel tank(s) and all other fuel system parts. When I figured the frame weight I just used the full length center-to-center for all the tubes because the material removed for the fish-mouth weighed more than the welding wire to weld the tubes together, so that weight is probably a bit over by maybe a pound or two for the entire frame. So this is probably a much more accurate estimate, with the 50 pound confidence window because there were a lot of things I couldn’t find a weight for and had to just guess because the product changed since the last posted weight.

And after the grocery shopping today the only kid still in town took me to Whataburger for Father’s Day and I had my favorite Bacon Cheese Whataburger with fries and what they laughingly call a “medium” sized drink (almost a full liter at 32 fl. oz.) and we had one of those Dr. Pepper shakes as a dessert. So today has been a good day.

More news on what I survived yesterday

Well according to the last daily paper in North Texas what I experienced was a downburst and what felt like a tiny tornado was probably the center passing over me.

And I did a selfie facing away from a mirror using the front camera on my phone to check for bruises on my back and there are a few small ones and I have some stiff spots that don’t correlate well with where the bruises are visible. So I mostly came out of the storm undamaged except for some soggy shoes and muddy clothes. I may go for another massage to have the tech check for bruises I couldn’t spot because I look like Bigfoot’s long lost cousin and I couldn’t see them under the fur given the resolution of my front camera. Not that there’s anything I could do about it, but I like to know what damage I have sustained, so that I might direct my healing powers to correct it.😎

And that pretty much covers it, I survived OK, roof inspection says the roof survived OK and we didn’t lose any tree limbs, and the cat that was outside didn’t appear to be anything worse than frightened and damp.

Oz is wonderful this time of year

And I almost got to see it. I got caught in a thunderstorm trying to get to RPG group this afternoon, that turned into a tiny tornado that went right over me. I couldn’t see it, or much of anything really, but I know I was standing still while I got hit with wind from 3 different directions in about as many seconds. Plus I got hit with nickel sized hail, that felt larger when it was hitting me but what I could see was only a bit larger than nickle sized.

The fun part was watching the trees floating down the street while the flood waters swirled around my ankles and calves. I was standing in a pedestrian refuge back a bit from the street, but not far enough back. This was a few seconds after I stepped off the bus into light rain, it literally went from light sprinkles to rain of Biblical proportions in seconds and then a F0 tornado (or maybe more, I made that judgement based on the fact that I managed to stay on my feet and I was right in the middle of it) and rivers in the street (and sidewalk). I’m catching reports from other areas that didn’t get tornadoes but did get 70+ MPH straight line winds, which I could also believe as I have walked around in tropical storms before and this felt similar to that.

So as I was standing out in the hail and the flood and the wind watching half-trees floating down the street the host for the game managed to get a car up to me so I can get off the corner. We eventually get to the house after weaving through the various bits of tree in the street. I’m soaked to the skin of course, even my phone was affected, underwear wringing wet, and puddles in my new shoes. 😛 So, dry clothes were rounded up, not an easy thing as I’m Rather Large with a deep pelvis and broad shoulders. And everyone except the GM at the house are a bunch of beanpoles with no hips or shoulders. So I’m running around in pink sweatpants and the largest T-shirt they can find, and of course everything looks like I was spray-painted into the clothes from the knees up. So, now I have to make myself something to eat, check my e-mail, and maybe get some sleep.

Update on my messed-up face

I don’t hurt as much, and tears are no longer rolling down my face involuntarily. I’m about halfway through a half-gallon of ice cream that I have been using as an internal ice-pack on the broken and infected teeth, and things are much improved, although it still hurts to use the shaver I got for Christmas. Sleep is still broken, but dreams are returning to typical instead of the nightmares caused by the pain. The trees had better be glad my chainsaw is broken and too small to use against them. I’m almost positive the Japanese Maple is the one most responsible for my other anguish.

As I said my sleep schedule is totally broken because of having to take short naps through the day and night. So this seems like a good place to stop.