Daily Archives: June 10, 2019

More news on what I survived yesterday

Well according to the last daily paper in North Texas what I experienced was a downburst and what felt like a tiny tornado was probably the center passing over me.

And I did a selfie facing away from a mirror using the front camera on my phone to check for bruises on my back and there are a few small ones and I have some stiff spots that don’t correlate well with where the bruises are visible. So I mostly came out of the storm undamaged except for some soggy shoes and muddy clothes. I may go for another massage to have the tech check for bruises I couldn’t spot because I look like Bigfoot’s long lost cousin and I couldn’t see them under the fur given the resolution of my front camera. Not that there’s anything I could do about it, but I like to know what damage I have sustained, so that I might direct my healing powers to correct it.😎

And that pretty much covers it, I survived OK, roof inspection says the roof survived OK and we didn’t lose any tree limbs, and the cat that was outside didn’t appear to be anything worse than frightened and damp.