We’re getting a new mattress!

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be getting this excited about a mattress, but we have been getting by with used futons that still had use left in them for over a decade, until the foam collapsed in the one we have now and left us sleeping against the futon frame with a few layers of tired cotton between the collapsed layers of foam “cushioning” us. Mrs. the Poet had been looking for a replacement futon without success, then we decided to get a regular mattress to use on the futon frame. There was a sale at the local Mattress Firm, and we snagged a nice mattress for a good price including delivery and tax.

After mattress shopping was completed I celebrated by walking past the McDonald’s to the Wendy’s and purchasing a Son of Baconator combo meal with the medium fries and drink, with free refills for seniors, because I just look that old, dangit. Hypothetically I’m not supposed to get senior discounts until I’m Mrs. the Poet’s age, but this was another case of getting the senior discount without asking for it, but free refills on my drink is not that big a thing because most people sneak a refill or 2 anyway, I was just told to go ahead and get as many as I wanted. And because I’m a big boy and ate all my dinner I got a chocolate chunk cookie to go with it for dessert.

Then things went a little sour on the way home when I tripped getting on the bus and fell flat on my face. On the bright side I proved I can still get up from the floor if I need to, on the amusing side I tripped on the handicap ramp (not deployed), and to round things out I barked my shin enough to draw blood. and now it’s late and I want Egg Nog Ice Cream before I go to bed.


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