Daily Archives: June 25, 2019

Update from the Lab Rat Keeper appointment

There was lots of good news from the latest trip to the Lab Rat Keeper. First of all, I’m going to survive the near future barring accident, another murder attempt, or getting caught in another weather incident. BP was 128/88, pulse was 68 (which is a little high considering a few years back I had a rest pulse of 42) and weight was 201.6 pounds after breakfast. That means if I had been fasting I would have been under 200. Heart and lungs both sounded good and my ears are squeaky clean. My step tracker says I walked about 2 miles total between getting lunch and getting to and from the bus, so that’s good.

The main takeaway from this visit is I need better cardio than walking, as shown by my 68 rest pulse compared to 42 when I was riding 120 miles round trip to have lunch with my friend in a nursing home in Sherman. Since I can barely walk much less run it seems like I need to find/build a bike or trike I can get on and ride. The ride part I can handle but the “get on” part has been difficult the last couple of years. I have been thinking about building a stationary trainer in the living room, but Mrs. the Poet has been a little askance at another project. But compared to the average American I’m a pillar of health aside from the numerous old injuries causing me problems.

And I also need to get out more and do more walking, but there aren’t that many places to walk to near Casa de El Poeta. There’s a convenience store about 1.2 miles round trip, a dollar store I pass on the return leg that would be about a mile round trip if I went directly, and a strip mall with a major grocery store that’s just over 2 miles round trip and another one where I pay my cellphone bill once a month that’s 1.8 miles round trip, all in different directions. Just to satisfy curiosity I plotted the shortest route that went to all 4 locations without doubling back by the house and it’s a little over 4 miles. So I could walk to all of those places, but it would be a slog and there really isn’t much to do except buy things I have no way to carry home. There are a Whataburger and another convenience store as well as the place where I get my toes done in the strip mall with the grocery store, so I could make those a more frequent trip with multiple stops nearby to combine buying lottery tickets with fast food or getting my toes done with lottery tickets or fast food… which when you stop and think about it is slightly depressing, the only thing within walking distance worth walking to regularly is fast food. Really good fast food, but it still has all the health issues that come with fast food.

And now instead of feeling good about the trip to the LRK I’m a little down about how little there is to do here without a 🚗 or a 🚲 or a 🛸. I really need to get one of those that I can use, any of them. Can you imagine picking up the groceries with 🛸? 😂