I changed my face today

And I made a pretty drastic change if I do say so myself. Basically I just changed the shape of glasses I’ve worn since I was 11 from the classic aviator drop to something a little lighter. I couldn’t find anything recent in my media library with my old glasses but there are enough of them to get the idea.

EDIT: This is my old indoor and outdoor face.See how big the glasses are?

This is my new indoor face.regular glasses in the new shape

Yes I can tilt my head back to read under the glasses, just like I wanted. I’m still getting used to looking under instead of taking them off completely like I did for my old glasses. But I’m gradually becoming adjusted to it.

And this is my outdoor face.Shades, man.

It has been a while since I had different glasses for indoor and outdoor wear, like at least a decade, when my old sunglasses broke shortly after I bought them. That’s a story I hashed out in a post from long ago, like 2008 or thereabouts. But when I did protect my eyes from the sun I also had no cataracts and excellent night vision. I think the loss of night vision is more related to the cataracts, and I think the cataracts are related to not protecting my eyes from the sun when I have a genetic pre-disposition to getting cataracts. But I’ll never know because aside from people who have developed them after exposure to microwave radiation (like my dad) they still don’t know exactly what causes cataracts. All I know for sure is I have them now and they are messing with my night vision.

And Clyde is demanding someone pay attention to him and since I’m the only other live body in the house I guess that means me, so time to go pet the cat.

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