I have been stuck at home for a while

I cleaned out all of the dropped food from under my desk last week because it attracted ants. Turns out the ants were none too happy about my removing their lunch counter and took their anger out on my feet.

The left foot was the worst, verifying the entry point was near the left side of the desk

The right foot only had a very few bites/stings (the blisters look more like stings than they look like bites) and is responding much better to treatment than the left foot. And once again my high pain threshold didn’t serve me well because I didn’t feel anything until I was pretty much well-chewed. This happened Sunday night and by Monday afternoon my foot had swollen so much I couldn’t get my shoes on, but Tuesday they weren’t too bad. Then Wednesday morning they looked like what you see in the picture. I wish I could say they felt as bad as they look, but because I’m me they don’t. I mean they are uncomfortable, but on the other hand trying to walk using a walker when I had a fractured tibia was uncomfortable, too. Actually on that tib-fib fracture the fibula dangling loose was more painful than the tibia, because I knew about the dangling fibula and where it was dangling and I could feel the pain in the right place to know what it was. The tibia hurt a lot less and was not in a place I was expecting to feel pain (and I had a lot of places to feel pain from) so I just ignored the tibia as just another nerve pain coming from a different injury but felt someplace else in my leg. I had several dozen of those right after the wreck because of the massive nerve damage in my lower leg.

But to get back to the stings on my foot, it’s uncomfortable just sitting there, and it’s REALLY uncomfortable if I try to put a shoe on it. Even just socks is no fun but shoes are right out for a while. It feels like it’s swollen but it doesn’t seem to actually be swollen. I mean physically getting the shoe on was no problem unlike Monday, it just didn’t feel good doing it.

Mostly I have been hanging around on the computer and watching TV, and trying to keep my foot elevated so it doesn’t swell again. The salty snack this week is a gigantic jar of generic cheese balls and I have had adequate amounts of diet soda and Gatorade, so that’s good. And really I don’t have anything more to say so this is the end for this post. Catch you next time.


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