Answering a question asked in meatspace

In my post about world building one of the people I sometimes interact with in real life AKA “meatspace” asked why the detailed information about the tropics and how to cross them became part of the world for LMOE, and I thought it might have come up to some of my readers I don’t know personally.

The tl;dr version is “Do you really think the LMOE could be kept only for women in the Northern Hemisphere?” but the longer answer is it was much more practical to send the LMOE south than it was to force thousands of women to make the risky journey north to have a chance at propagating without the intervention of advanced technology, and it took 3 chapters to get him there and back again. And in this case at least one chapter was steamy because it was literally hot and steamy, not because there was a lot of sex involved. When the AC involved requires a megawatt power supply just to maintain human life for 3 people it’s hot. The condenser field for the AC was about 2/3 of an acre for a facility roughly the size of a suburban duplex with 2 BR/BA each unit.

The scenario was the submarine carrying the LMOE was the regular supply run for a research station studying the flora and fauna of the former Panama Canal since the Last War, and the scientist demanded an overnight visit from the LMOE, ostensibly to share a gourmet dinner with a Distinguished Guest. I’m not saying there wasn’t any sex involved, get real, it’s porn of course there was sex. But in this chapter it was just the once before everybody got too hot to continue. There is a possibility that with only one person at the station she might have gotten more than a bit lonely for actual physical human contact, and sharing a bed with the LMOE was just a good excuse to have a snuggle with another human being, I dunno. The station had 2 guest rooms that went completely unused for that chapter. That chapter spent more words describing the dinner than the sex, which was uncharacteristically quick for this series. The researcher never physically left the station but instead used remote observation robots that allowed visual and haptic feedback of the plants and animals. The animals were so heat-adapted that in air temperatures below 82°F they would die from hypothermia and suffer cold injury at anything below 100° so any up close examination had to be done outside the air conditioned spaces of the station. Similar things would happen to plant life brought into the station. I’m not an evolutionary biologist so I was very vague describing everything except the bugs because I know something about bugs evolved for extremely high temperatures in deserts and extrapolated to the expected environment in Central America post-apocalypse. I did spend about a year and a half within spittin’ distance of the Sahara in North Africa and I wasn’t totally oblivious despite being in the throes of puberty at the time. Said throes and a pretty girl almost got me married because of my abysmal language skills. But that is another story.

Anyway I think I was getting physically uncomfortable writing the detailed description of the conditions outside and inside the station, which may have had something to do with the brevity of the sex in that chapter. I also wasn’t good at writing threesomes at that point, so that might have been part of the problem. And for the expected temperatures I did a metric buttload of Googling and fudged the expected worse conditions by about 10% higher and may have also fudged adiabatic lapse a bit for the mountaintop research station being cool enough to go outside at night without a coolsuit. I also extrapolated that any biting insect life would not identify humans as being edible because we would literally be colder than air, and that any mammals would only be active at night through dawn.


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