Monthly Archives: July 2019

I changed my face today

And I made a pretty drastic change if I do say so myself. Basically I just changed the shape of glasses I’ve worn since I was 11 from the classic aviator drop to something a little lighter. I couldn’t find anything recent in my media library with my old glasses but there are enough of them to get the idea.

EDIT: This is my old indoor and outdoor face.See how big the glasses are?
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I sweated today, and I’ll probably sweat more tomorrow

I had to get some things for the house today, nothing I couldn’t carry myself, so I thought I would get my toes done as part of the trip and also grab a late lunch/early dinner. As I pointed out in an earlier post, all of this is just a mile away one way plus the walking between the various stops came to a logged 2.1 miles on my fitness app and about 7100 steps on my step counter app for the day.

As for what I needed to walk all that way in 91°F (94° index) temperatures? Well we needed a new toilet brush as the old one shuffled off this mortal coil a while back and I couldn’t stand the state of the toilet even with the self-cleaning chemicals in the tank, and skin contact with those chemicals is not recommended. And also I needed something I could put on the cereal as the last of the milk didn’t exactly smell “right”. So I decided to wrap this trip with a lot of things I needed to get done, like my toes and something to eat.

And I get to do a similar trip in another direction as my new glasses are ready to pick up at the store over a week early, so I’m also grabbing a gift card to a fast food joint near the glasses shop.

And even though I no longer have the same number of page views as I used to, I like this mission of the blog much more than the first one where I chronicled dead and wounded cyclists, a calling I shared with Ted Rogers over at BikinginLA, in fact I pretty much outsourced all my SoCal bike wrecks to his blog under the tag “Daily Ted”. Well Ted needs some help as their beloved Corgi is in the end stages of fighting Cancer while Ted is fighting insurance companies over medication for his diabetic neuropathy. Send whatever good energy/vibes/prayers you can for Ted and the pupper, they need them.

Not dead just busy and tired

Sorry for not updating the blog, but I have been running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken and then recovering like a sofa spud. Basically I have been bouncing between running like a madman and basically having to spend the day on the couch because my everything hurts. This is not a good situation by anyone’s standard.

Today I’m writing instead of couching, because yesterday I had to go by foot to get stuff taken care of, basically I had to pay my cell phone, and get some groceries I couldn’t get on regular shopping day. I ended up walking about 2 miles (1.9 miles to be precise) and the heat index was about 98°F. Now as per usual I didn’t feel anything but some mild discomfort as I did it, but when I woke up this morning feeling like I didn’t get any rest at all, totally washed out. After consuming the second quart of Gatorade I started feeling more like myself, and I’m about a third of the way through the third quart and almost feeling “right”. I still feel more like going back to bed than posting to my blog, but it’s not that draggy that I can’t function. And as for why I had to go out yesterday, if I didn’t pay my bill I would have lost service shortly after midnight, and I had a one day only deal for a free sandwich that I would have lost if I didn’t use it.

And if you’ll excuse me I really need to have a little lie-down again, because I also have had an inflamed tear duct because pollen. I tell you getting old ain’t for sissies.