Daily Archives: September 21, 2019

Yesterday was miserable

But before that, a report on Thursday’s travels.

They didn’t start so good, because right after I bought a PM Pass for the bus, on my phone, my phone locked up completely so that I couldn’t even check time. This usually happens when I get a system conflict between two apps. But I got super lucky and every bus had a defective farebox so the driver didn’t even bother checking my phone or if I had a ticket.

I believe I have mentioned that I have tinnitus due to the wreck, that it’s annoying, and that it interferes with hearing what people are saying, and how Mrs. the Poet is always complaining that I need a hearing aid and I reply she needs to stop mumbling so I can understand what she’s saying. Well I went for a hearing aid test Thursday afternoon to see if in fact I do need to get a hearing aid. Well what the test revealed was that I have done a remarkable job in preserving my hearing in spite of shooting machine guns and heavy weapons in the Army with almost perfect hearing below 4KHz and a drop off that showed exactly how loud my tinnitus is because that’s the lowest frequency of the tones in my tinnitus except when it turns into a roaring blast of pink noise for a few seconds and then goes away for a bit, but anyway I had to let the test tones get louder than the ringing in my ears before I could tell they were test tones. And I have about 20 dB of hearing loss at 4KHz and above because of that. The test also showed that when I’m alert and listening hard I can pick out speech pretty well from background noise, but if I let my concentration lapse I lose the thread completely. Also I have difficulty in picking out unvoiced consonants like the difference between nice and knife, I’m about 50-50 in guesses. I’m a little better in actual conversation because I know nobody is going to be stabbed with a nice, and that people are not knife with others, so I can use context to figure out missing words when I can’t depend on my ears.

Then I went to spend some coupons at the local Burger King for dinner. We got the two Jr. Whoppers and two fries (no drinks) and an order of Chicken Fries and a large fry all for about $7.50 with tax, and had what drinks we already had at home to save carting fountain drinks home on the bus. I managed to stay awake until about 2300 when I had to rest my neck and back and passed out until Mrs. the Poet came to bed when I should have taken my bedtime meds before going back to sleep, but I was stupid so I didn’t and was barely asleep and not getting much rest until 0900 when I decided I needed to take my bedtime meds and slept until 1730. So I’m going to be up all day again today and sleep about 2300 tonight.

But before that I have grocery shopping to do this afternoon and a race to watch tonight. And I have to give my back and neck a chance to rest now, but I’m not taking bedtime meds so I won’t sleep. And in case you are curious, my bedtime meds are 1 or 2 200mg Ibuprofen and 1 or 2 20 mg diphenhydramine to reduce my pain and let my brain shut down and sleep. I adjust depending on how bad I hurt and how much the brain is racing after I decide to shut down for the night.