Daily Archives: October 23, 2019

Finally got a track map that I can show how close the tornado came

There was a map that I took a picture of and marked about where Casa de El Poeta is.

The blue dot is where we live.

And yes that is very close but we sustained no damage whatsoever.

Looking at the tracks it may be that the Garland tornado was also the Rowlett tornado after it picked up and set down later, but because of the debris from the Dallas tornado effectively jamming the weather radar the people tracking the storm by radar can’t be sure if they were separate twisters or the same storm bouncing around from one place to another.

And that’s all for today, more as I get it.


Update: Four tornadoes in Dallas County, five more just to the south

Latest reports tell us that Sunday night was much wilder than we knew at the time. There were a total of 9 tornadoes in N. Central Texas, 4 actually in Dallas County that tracked east, and 5 more that tore up the counties to the south of Dallas. As I noted last post there had to have been 2 separate tornadoes going through Garland because the one they were tracking from Love Field went north of Casa de El Poeta, and there were reports of damage and a sighting to the south of us that could only have come from a separate twister, and today there were damage reports from aerial survey that showed multiple damage tracks that could only have come from what they now say is 4 different tornadoes on the ground some at the same time, which is what led to the confusion about the one they were tracking by radar as they generated and died almost on top of each other but separated by a few miles and minutes on the ground.

I’m still unnerved about this, because I’m not rated for piecing damage. I have no desire to get rated for piercing damage, and tornadoes generate lots of projectiles that generate piercing damage to things like cars and buildings. I especially don’t want to get rated for piecing damage by evaluating the results of field tests after I get hit by tornado generated projectiles.

Anyway, as reported earlier all cats and people have been accounted for and were safe after the storm.