I’m not dead again yet

And that is one convoluted headline that wraps up my life in a sentence. I’m just reading and doing stuff, practicing making exhaust tips and things. I haven’t made any real good tips yet because I keep collapsing the tubing against the bending post, because the differences between soft enough to bend and soft enough to collapse are this much (holding fingers almost touching) and I haven’t got the touch down yet. I need to get the spatial relationship between the heat source and the bending post better, but ATM I have zero idea what that should be. What I’m looking for is close enough to get the soft tube to the bending post while it’s still soft and so I don’t have to let it get too saggy and stretch it out and make it too small. There are literally thousands of ways to screw this up and I’m finding most of them.

Mrs. the Poet wants me to be in bed at the same time she is, and so do I. It’s getting close to the time she gets up, so I’m putting this to bed now and me shortly after.


3 responses to “I’m not dead again yet

  1. aviationmetalsmith

    You need to rotate the tube.
    Heat it the same all around.


    • aviationmetalsmith

      You shouldn’t need a bending post for plastic tube. That’s for metal.


      • Opus the Poet

        If you want your bends to have a consistent radius you need to have something to bend them around. And in reply to the first post, I do rotate the tube in the heat source, but as I pointed out the difference between soft enough to bend and soft enough to collapse is almost nothing. Just like the difference between a heat source hot enough to use to bend and one that can’t is almost nothing.I’m thinking of not warming the inside of the bend as much just to see what that does.


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