Daily Archives: January 31, 2020

I’m doing it again, staying up 1.5 times around the clock

This time it’s because I need to deposit checks and pay my phone bill.

One of the checks I need to deposit is for a lawsuit about an online ad broker that ripped off people who were supposed to be getting paid for watching ads, and not paying them as much as the advertisers were getting told they were paying us. Essentially this was a scheme to get people to watch the ads by bribing people to watch them in mobile apps. There was supposed to be so much paid per ad watched, and the company skimmed most of that off for themselves leaving the people watching with much less than the people paying were paying. It was a convoluted scheme that the advertisers were pissed off about because the idea was to generate good will and also get their message out, and much less good will was generated than the advertisers paid for. (ETA, I looked up the case and my memory was faulty, and you can read the FAQ here) Anywho, I have a $14 check to deposit from that one, enough for Mrs. the Poet and me to get a fancy hamburger and fries apiece from Whataburger.

I have other checks to deposit from other sources that have to be hand-deposited instead of automatic deposit because reasons I don’t understand, something about not being set up to deposit amounts that small or something, or one-time-only payments. Anywho again, not my circus, not my monkeys. I just have to make the deposits, including the check to pay for the new roof. This is the second new roof we are getting since we moved in in 1994, which is pretty good on average, but we had the roof replaced in 2012 if my memory is right (Edit to add, it wasn’t. We got the insurance claim in right before we paid the house off in 2013) because I recall it being right before we paid the house off and the first time we made an insurance claim ever. But we had that tornado back in October that went by the house and just over the house and so, new roof because wind and debris damage.

OK now I’m buzzed on how much caffeine I have in my system so I don’t fall asleep depositing the checks, and Mrs. the Poet is out of bed, so this is a good time to wrap this up.