Daily Archives: February 17, 2020

Found a new beer and still waiting on the Cup race to finish

Short post today, I found a refreshing shandy from Shiner they call Prickly Pear because that’s what they use to make it, whodathunkit? Anywho it’s good, slightly tart and flavorful but not citrusy like a shandy made from orange or lemon. Unless you have had prickly pear juice I can’t really describe the taste.

On the race, my game group had a game yesterday so I set the DVR to watch the race later and I got about 20 laps of racing and then the rains came and Fox put a re-run of last year’s race as a time filler and then the recording stopped. They are going to try to finish the race in a few minutes, so I’m cutting the post short so I can see the race.