Daily Archives: February 20, 2020

That was a waste of $3

The lab rat keeper wanted me to get my other ailments tended by the Adult Health Clinic here in Garland. So I checked the web site for hours of operation and made plans to get there, bought a $3 day pass on the transit app, and set out about the same time of day I’m normally going to bed with enough caffeine in me to blur my outlines from my vibration. Not to mention that it’s that kind of cold and damp that makes arthritis feel like someone is driving nails into your joints and they stop working, even though the temperature is relatively mild. So when I get there my hands are checking out and my knees are committing mutiny, but I can’t get in the door because the automatic opener isn’t and I can barely grip the handle to pull the door open manually. Eventually someone pushed the door open from the inside and I wander around trying to find the clinic for about 10 minutes, only to find a sign saying the clinic was closed until the 24th, no further explanation given, and the hours for the clinic are not the same as the hours shown on the web site for the clinic.

I am disappoint. I am a lot of other emotions also, mostly angry. I could have been in bed asleep and warm and mostly pain free instead of cold and hurting and vibrating.

All those words and I forgot to say what I came to say

Since this is a follow-on post I won’t use much space this time. What I originally came to say was that while I was trying to figure out how to build the Mini Sprint-T I figured out how to build a better frame for the 1:1 Sprint-T. Anyway, what I had decided for the Mini was front and rear hoops that went all the way down to the belly pan and had the frame rails glued to the front and back of the verticals of the hoops, instead of continuous frame rails and the hoops on top of the rails. What evolved from that was a lower rail with 0.120″ wall inside the roll cage area and 0.060″ wall in front and back of the cage so that in front or rear collisions the lower rails would collapse first and send large objects attached to the frame under the driver compartment and not into the driver or passenger.

So, when I build the frame I bend up the hoops and leave the legs 1.5″ longer (scale) than I would with the legs on top of the frame, and glue the lower rail between the legs. On the real 1:1 car that part would be the 0.120″ wall. Also the top rail would be one continuous piece from the front bulkhead to the rear bulkhead, which means I will need to figure out how far to bend it where it comes past the front and rear hoops. On the 1:1 car it will be 0.120″ wall and the biggest length of tubing on the car and run the full length of the frame and require careful gusseting where it passes the front and rear hoops. That’s also true on the Mini Sprint-T, but the mechanics are completely different because of the scale.

And since this is just what I should have posted yesterday instead of rambling, this is a good place to end.