Medical updates for me and Mrs. the Poet

Yesterday I went back to try to see a doctor at the Free Clinic. Well it turns out you have to qualify to see a doctor at the clinic, and if you can’t document certain things you can’t qualify, and I have sources of income I can’t document, so I am up the proverbial unsanitary tributary. No doctor for me.

On the other hand Mrs. the Poet has things going great. She doesn’t think so, but she does. Next Tuesday she’s getting a L4-L5 spinal fusion to stop pinching nerves in her spine so she can walk normally and not get random numbness and paralysis in her legs which limits her mobility and most especially her range. Right now she can get from the house to the curb and sorta walk around the grocery store once a week. The operation will open the stenosis in the L4 that has been pinching the nerves and causing her problems then use the bone to fuse the L4 and L5 together so they can’t close back up and make her legs stop working. She’s a little squicked at the operation in the first place, and even more squicked about the hardware and cutting bits off the L4 vertebra and all that entails. I’m in charge of cooking until she recovers and according to the doctor the big thing will be getting her to consume enough protein to provide the lattice for bone growth. Some additional calcium will help but not as much as I had to consume after I broke my leg in the wreck. So lots of animal and high quality vegetable protein from my slow-cooked mixed beans with ham while she recovers.

Seriously, we will be getting Tuna Mess (macaroni and canned soup with a can of tuna mixed in), Ham Mac and Cheese (similar to tuna mess except mac and cheese with ham chunks), fish and chips, and of course my beans and rice, along with canned or frozen veggies. Also we were warned that there might be times that Mrs. the Poet just won’t feel like eating, so we will be buying meal-replacement shakes that are high in protein so she still gets her building blocks for strong bones even when she just doesn’t feel like eating anything.

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