Daily Archives: March 17, 2020

My side gig has gone under because of COVID19

You would think that a gig that was internet-based where the principals never saw each other and all the work was transmitted electronically would be immune from impact by plagues, and you would think wrong. Turns out that when factories are shut down they don’t introduce new products and don’t need user manuals and advertising for the new products they aren’t making Etc. & etc. Basically my services are not needed until after the crisis are over and new production restarts. The problem is I am not certain my intermediary for this gig will survive until everything is running again. They say they are good for the next month, but if Asia stays shut down past that they aren’t promising they will be there to route jobs to people like me, and the companies might decide to just do what they can without us polishing the turds that they sent us before.

So, I’m basically looking at this as my “pin money” gig has gone to the big scam gig in the sky. I’m not getting any more jobs through that channel for a while, maybe ever. Ah well, I have lost jobs before through no fault of my own, this is not the first time, and probably won’t be the last if I get another job instead of just collecting my social security. It was nice while it lasted, now it’s probably gone, c’est la vie.