Daily Archives: April 2, 2020

We are weird here,our wine and liquor are not running out

But the cookies and ice cream stocks are almost depleted if not completely gone. Seriously, I’m looking at buying beer, bread, there’s a screaming deal on Oreos we want to get, and a few other thing including Lysol trigger spray and yogurt.

And this is as close as I’m gonna get to an April Fool’s Joke today, because nobody can top the joke in the White House. Sorry to get political on you, but seriously, that dude has been making me slightly crazy with all his nonsense.

On less political subjects I have been watching people making things on YouTube, mostly fabricating things on or for their cars. I don’t have access to raw stock of any kind except for lumber so for me to actually build anything, because while the lumberyards are essential the metal supply is non-essential and I ain’t got none handy to build with. I need lots of 1.5″ tubing, because I know what I’m building now. I’m figuring out how much of each size I need by building the mini Sprint-T and measuring how much of the plastic I need and multiplying by scale factor, but I need to figure out how much bend and length I need for the upper rail. I’m still trying to get the lengths and bends right but I’m going through a lot of raw stock because the bender only works once without making the stock too thin. I’m doing the bend after the rear hoop and in front of the front hoop. The upper rail attaches to the hoops with two brackets on either side of the hoop that puts the tube across from and in line both legs of the hoop and a stub tube to meet the bend, and I’m debating putting a boxing plate from the leg of the hoop to the upper rail. If I do that I probably won’t need to do the stub from the rail to the outside of the bend on the hoop if I plate the top and side and I save a whole bunch of complexity.