Happy Star Wars day! And something weird happened

May the Fourth be with you, etc & etc.

We finished the run last week so this week was mostly bookkeeping for the group as loot had to be divvied and karma totaled up and players choosing what to buy and skills to train. The Old Man leveled up his combat skills on guns and blades to 6 and took a level of unarmed combat, then celebrated by getting a sword that folds into his synthetic arm to complement the Cybershot in his leg. So at this level he’s pretty much guaranteed to hit the accuracy limits of all his guns on every roll as his gun rolls are 15 dice and his longarms all have accuracy of 4 and the pistols are either 3 or 4. There were a lot of pistols in the loot from the last run that the owners won’t have use for since they’re dead, even though most were damaged in the battle. There were enough taken that several good pistols could be made by taking the undamaged parts and assembling then into new weapons that the Old Man claimed as his share of the loot since he refused to accept any of the drugs we took from the bad guys. The Old Man is a bit mercenary, but there are limits to what he would take.

I’m still thinking about the Sprint-T, mainly about the nose at the moment but still thinking about the exhaust collector for the tri-y headers. What I’m mainly trying to do is use the collector like a quarter-wave tuned pipe for a 2-stroke engine, having the secondary tubes dumping against a reflective wall to bounce back a resonant wave to pack charge in from the overlap phase of the cam at certain RPM to get an additional torque peak not on the intake peak and spread out the powerband.

OK it is now several hours after I composed the last line about the exhaust of the Sprint-T because something disturbing happened right after I did that, I got a call from a reporter for American Media Inc. asking me about my brother’s ex-wife who was killed in an alligator attack on St. John’s Island SC. I hadn’t checked my text messages for the morning so I missed the one from my brother telling me about it and found out from the media asking my opinion about it. I’m still trying to process an alligator attacking someone I know, and finding out from a reporter asking what I knew about it just made it weird, no, it made it superweird, like X-files weird. And it isn’t the first time I had an alligator in the blog. I actually had a tag for the previous time. I still haven’t fully processed it yet, that Cindy was killed. I’ve seen people get killed, but never anyone I knew.


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