Daily Archives: May 9, 2020

I screwed up royal!

I bought something totally unusable for the Sprint-T.

Basically I bought something that was non-returnable from Speedway’s Garage Sale section and it turns out that I got a partially machined spindle set. I couldn’t get the kingpin to fit through the bushings no matter how much I machined the bushings. Then I checked to see if it would fit over the boss on the axle, and there was negative clearance with the thrust bearing in place. Near as I can tell the spindle snuck through QC before getting the back side fully machined. The insides of the bore for the bushings was undersized by a bunch and the spacing for the kingpin boss was way undersized by a couple hundredths when clearances are in the thousandths and the tolerances are in the ten-thousandths. So that just screams incomplete machining that somehow got through QC. What it means is I have an expensive set of bookends or paperweights and I have to buy new spindles and bushings and probably kingpins, or about 210 dollars worth of stuff, which is a major bummer. I really should have bought this the first time instead of trying to go cheap on it.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say tonight as we try to get ready for a Mother’s Day gathering in the time of COVID-19. Logistics is the big thing as Mrs. the Poet is only just now been cleared to leave the house as long as she only walks on perfectly flat surfaces (ignoring the slight step to get past the threshold on the front door) and she stays away from hills to climb. So we are going to park inside the garage at my daughter’s house and just have to negotiate the minor step from the garage to the house there, and the step over the front door threshold here at Casa de El Poeta. I’ll be back Monday with all the blood and gore from the trip.