Daily Archives: May 16, 2020

I need to get drywall screws and door bumpers

The mockup radiator and nose need something to hold them together, that’s what the drywall screws are for. The door bumpers are because the doors keep hitting the walls and pushing the locking button on the doorknob in so the doors get locked without anyone knowing about it until they get locked out. I have the situation sorta under control.

What I still need to know is how much space to leave between the radiator and the driver’s side of the nose to allow for the steering box. Best as I can tell I need to allow 5″ between the inside of the nose and the side of the radiator. So 31″ radiator and 5″ steering box makes 36″ wide nose, or I can cheat and just let the box hang out the side a bit, that part’s still up in the air. If I did my trig right the tall transit tires narrow the front end to 34″ at full lock which is about 12″ in front of the axle centerline, so the box can hang out past the nose a scosh without interfering with the tires at full lock. It might look funny, but form follows function and in this case the function is will the wheels roll without hitting anything at full steering lock. So at 34″ wide that means about 2″ of the box is going to hang out the left side of the nose. And because of the geometry of the steering mount and the panhard rod the panhard rod mount will be double shear off the side of the bar going up to the steering box. The panhard rod will be directly under and in line with the front axle for absolutely zero bump steer.

And it is pretty late and I need to help Mrs. the Poet shower (she still can’t wash her back without twisting the wrong way and hurting herself) so this would be a good place to end the post.