Daily Archives: May 18, 2020

Wasted shower, wasted day

I got a late start because I spent about 2 hours (best guess) waiting for the white allergy film to clear from my eyes so I could walk to the bathroom and pass water. My alarm was set for noon so I could use a PM pass to get things done and get home in time for dinner. I needed to get stuff from the hardware store, make an appointment to get my toes done, and maybe make an appointment to get this shaggy mop trimmed.

But I got a late start and just missed catching the 1725 schedule bus after I finished showering and drying (with my pelt drying after a shower is a massive undertaking). I set the alarm so I would leave in time for the 1755 schedule and just as I got to the bus stop I noticed I forgot my mask and no mask, no bus ride. The next bus wasn’t until 1847 which was way too late to get back in time for dinner. To be honest the 1755 schedule was too late to get back in time for dinner but I’m used to eating late dinners.

Part of the problem is I’m still waiting for that promised gig now that the Far East is opening back up again. That means I’m waiting for a file dump that t the earliest won’t happen until 0100 and usually hits about 0400, so I’m getting to bedsleep about 0500 to 0600. I usually don’t wake up until 1300 or 1400, sometimes later because I get disturbed several times a “night” because my “night” is Mrs. the Poet’s morning. I don’t know how I can work around this.

Now I’m thinking about how the door bumper needs to be installed. Strongly thinking about using the door instead of the baseboards, because the baseboards cause a slight torque from the bumper being installed at an angle…