Daily Archives: May 28, 2020

Almost forgot

We had a total communications outage from 2100 Tuesday to 1800 Wednesday here at Casa de El Poeta, because someone ran over the cable junction box a couple of houses down in the alley. No phone, no internet, and no TV for over 20 hours until we could find the bill to get the account number from because Mrs. the Poet threw away the keep for your records part of the bill when she wrote the check for the cable bill. Fortunately we hadn’t put the check in the mail so we opened the envelope to read the other part of the bill because it also had the account number. But still because someone couldn’t keep their car under control I missed the end of the Gander Outdoors truck race race Tuesday and almost missed the rainout of the Cup series race Wednesday night.

But anywho (ever notice I love using that interjection? cause I love that interjection) we managed to get everything straightened out and restored all communication here at Casa de El Poeta. So Y’all keep your heads down when they start shooting and maybe we’ll be there to catch you on the flipside.


I survived another trip to the Lab Rat Keeper

Good News: There is another trial I might qualify for, my BP is in the “Great 👍!” range, I probably don’t have COVID19 but they’ll get the test results back the beginning of next week.

The “eh” news: I lost over 20 pounds since January. That could be good or bad because I haven’t been really trying to lose weight. I weighed in at 194 even, yesterday. I was 214 two visits ago at the start of the year. If I got my numbers right, my BMI is under 30 for the first time since the wreck. And the official government calculator says I’m at a BMI of 29.1! Yay!👍 Since I’m the poster child for “Big Boned” with larger than normal, thicker than normal, denser than normal bones this is like super light for me. If I had normal bones my “ideal” weight would be much lighter, 166 instead of the 194 I reached this month. And TBH that is about the difference between my bones and a normal person’s bones of the same height. Previous estimates of the difference between my skeleton and “normal” are 25-30 pounds based on just the difference in bone density.

The “bad” news is while I found an open massage place, my regular place was not open and their voice mail box was full. The sign on the door had them shutting down at the beginning of March and re-opening March 31, which of course did not happen. The other bad thing was the place that was open their tech was not very good for some parts of the massage, but they did manage to leave my neck feeling pretty good today. All day no pain good. Still I would rather have my regular tech back, she was just as good for the neck and less painful other places. even after several hours at the computer my neck is fine.

Something else interesting is the new toilet is due to be delivered tomorrow, the old one kinda fell apart when they tried to fix it a while ago. But it’s 35 years old so the hardware was corroded by the extremely high chlorine levels Garland used to run back in the 20th century. So by the weekend we should have two working toilets in Casa de El Poeta. 👍