Daily Archives: June 10, 2020

I accomplished something IRL today

OK it wasn’t much but I got the lengths of two by four cut to length for the radiator mockup. Holes still need to be drilled for the bolts to hold them all together. I then took a shower and passed in and out of consciousness for a few hours. Yay me/sarcasm/

I cut the 2 19″ verticals, the 2 31″ horizontals, and the 2 117/8” fillers between the horizontals that get attached to the verticals. The filler pieces make the part that goes next to the skin on the nose as wide as if I made the wide side of the two by four face the skin so as to get the skin to lay smoothly. The screws that hold the skin to the mockup radiator will go between the vertical and the filler and won’t require a pilot hole, like it would if I somehow managed to get the verticals turned flat side to the outside.

And it’s not much but I’m going to reset my sleep schedule so that I’m diurnal again so I can actually be in the bed with Mrs. the Poet when I sleep. Yesterday I was in bed by 0930 and finally got everything shut down and asleep by about 1030, but was awakened frequently by day noises especially the phone, which then required time to settle the mind and go back to sleep, so that by the time I got up at 1900 I’d had maybe 6 or so hours of sleep total. So, I’m going to stay up all day and go to bed after the race in Martinsville ends.