Imagine making a million dollars a year

One of the things I do is imagine winning the lottery by whatever name you call it/them. Most of the multistate lotteries have annual payouts over a million dollars a year. So. I. Think. About. How. To. Spend. A million dollars every year pretty much forever. And TBH spending close to a million dollars a year every year ain’t easy. You have to buy a new car or two every year after you build the new house the first year and furnish it.

You can’t build a new house every year or even every other year and still enjoy the house after you finish it because a big part of doing that is actually living in it year after year. Well I don’t know about everybody else, but as a Cold War military brat getting moved every year, having the same bedroom all the time etc. is a minor luxury all its own. Some members of my cohort are the exact opposite and have to change houses about every other year. But for me I would upgrade house and furniture the first year and let it ride until something needed replacement. Now that first year would burn through most of the million without even trying as the new house gets built. I have fantasies of enough solar panels to run all the electric and then some to sell back to the grid, plus solar water pre-heat, and a single pitch roof pointed south to hang all those panels on. I’m not big on interior decoration, so I’m leaving that part of the project to Mrs. the Poet. I imagine she’ll get a couple of couches and tables and a recliner or two (we both love kicking back and putting our feet up) and I’m voting for the biggest of big screens and all the channels on the cable and streaming services.

Now one major thing having a million dollars a year income is the ability to have multiple build projects going at the same time and switch off between as enthusiasm for one wanes and to have another ready to go if I get bored or just have a parts delivery issue. Run out of parts for the T-Bucket? just switch off to the tricycle or the A/MOD car or maybe a boat or airplane project. I would never lack for something to do if I wanted to be doing something and not just vegging in the recliner.

And speaking of the Sprint-T, I got another part to use on it yesterday, the T-handle for the shifter. Now I’m not 100% happy with this delivery because there were parts missing and other parts duplicated and it was just a mess, but the parts needed to make it work on the Sprint-T were there so it wasn’t a tragedy.
Here's the handle
Now the reason I bought the handle is I’m thinking about making the shifter work for the mission of the car, and because I want to make this work for what I’m using the car for. Now if you weren’t paying attention that might have read like the same thing twice. What I’m really saying is the stuff I can buy won’t work for what I want to do with the car, and I have to make something that will. Now with a million dollars a year I could do that. Even without a million dollars a year I can do that, it just takes a lot longer to get it done. But it would be at least an order of magnitude easier if I made a million dollars a year. I might even pay someone else to do it. After I get done with the house.


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