Monthly Archives: June 2020

Finally some good news

It’s a tiny thing, but I’ll take it. Metro by T-Mobile just cut my cell bill by half, from $30/month to $15/month, plus the “convenience fee” of $3 to pay at their store. So in real terms my bill went from $33 to $18 with unlimited 4G data as they roll out their 5G network. My old plan was 2Gb of 4G and unlimited 3G after that ran out. But since 4G is the new 3G because of the rollout of 5G we now have unlimited 4G. My 3G access is going away because the network is going away, there are so few 3G phones left in circulation that there is no economic sense in maintaining the extra network. I mean everything works on 1G so they still have that, but no 2G in most of the country except for places that never got 3G or 4G, of which there are a few that never got the update to 3G or 4G. But that’s getting away from the fact that MY CELL PHONE BILL WENT DOWN!!! And I didn’t have to change carriers.

Other things, I went out and walked about 2 miles yesterday paying the phone bill and depositing a check to Mrs. the Poet’s account and buying dinner and bringing it home. The annoying thing is my step tracker claimed I only walked 719 steps to cover all that distance. And this is the step tracker that pays me real money to get out and exercise so this cost me money. Not a lot of money but still, Sweatcoins are still money even if it’s only $0.05 per coin exchange rate. There’s a symbol for Sweatcoin but it only works on their site, so I can’t use it on this page.

In other news I had to ask my insurance agent for another copy of my bill because the first one disappeared into the black hole that swallows up paper around the house unless I keep it inside a locked container. When I got the bill I set it aside until I could get the money out of the trust and when I got the money the bill was vanished because we have an evil sprite dead set on throwing everything away, so I had to request another quote, so the agent researched some new quotes that saved me over $300. I can live with that.

I have to put this post to bed now. Y’all stay safe until I can get back to you.

Allergies are creating digestive havoc for our GM

I mean seriously, the dude gets the runs, then spends over 2 hours on the toilet. I worry about dehydration for him.

Anywho (see, I used it again) from what we know his ability to use OTC medications is severely restricted by his other meds and potentially fatal interactions. Usually these meds aren’t too bad but our GM is “special” in the bad kind of way and his meds seriously don’t like him.

In other medication related news, I found my preferred sleep aid again at the Dollar General, the Jet Asleep 50 mg diphenhydramine with fewer buffers and inert ingredients to mess with the diphenhydramine putting me to sleep. The 50 mg pills for the sleep aid work better and faster than 3 or 4 of the 25 mg allergy pills even though both of them have the same diphenhydramine active ingredient. The difference is the allergy pills have ingredients that reduce the drowsy feeling as they take care of the histamine reaction caused by allergies, where the Jet Asleep pills are basically the diphenhydramine and stuff that makes it form a pill. If you are in a situation where falling asleep is not a problem the Jet Asleep is a better allergy pill too.

And since I have to go pay my phone bill today, I need to be taking that sleeping aid and some pain pills and hitting the sheets.