Daily Archives: July 13, 2020

My package has taken the boat

My steering wheel controller has left Hong Kong on the slow boat from China. It left the manufacturer on July 3, changed trucks twice, and went through customs at the shipper, I’m assuming that’s Chinese export customs, took another truck ride then at 0034 local time July 13 the boat left Hong Kong. Now I won’t know where it’s going until it gets there, but the best bet is Long Beach CA because that’s where most of the cargo from China to the bottom half of the US goes. It’s due the day before my birthday in September. We shall see.

Still on Amazon, but on something else, my Father’s Day present kicked the bucket Saturday, still inside the 30 day replacement warranty. I don’t know what happened, but given the symptoms Saturday and the crazy things it did yesterday, I would say maybe the switch assembly wasn’t as waterproof as advertised. Anywho, it went Tango Uniform Saturday morning before I took my shower, and I got the return processed through Amazon last night, took the shaver in its original packaging to the local Amazon Return Center at the Kohl’s store up the street on the bus that runs sorta by the house this afternoon and it is wending its way back to Bezos’ secret underground defective merchandise testing center by carrier tortise as I type this out. And also as I type this out the replacement is going from the warehouse down the street to the delivery center the next county over, from where it will be sent to me in the morning, I hope.

Now the package that has my Joyce Smile mask is still missing. The tracker had it at the post office here in Garland just before noon local Thursday of last week. Theoretically all they had to do was make sure it got into the right truck on Friday morning and I should have had it no later than Saturday, but here I am 2133 Monday night and I still don’t have the mask I bought last month. I even called the local PO and they said it should have been in today’s mail at the latest. But no mask this afternoon.

In other stuff, as my elder daughter likes to put it, it was “Hotter than Ass!” outside while I was doing the trip to Kohl’s, somewhere north of the triple digits Fahrenheit (as in over 100°, but I don’t know exactly how much over 100°) the cable box shut down for lack of someone pushing the buttons during both weather reports that I was tuned in for. It was hot enough to cause 1st degree burns from the bench I sat on waiting for the bus to take me home from dropping the shaver off at Kohl’s. So yeah, hot.

Tomorrow I go vote in the runoff election for the democratic challenger to John Cornyn, the woman military combat veteran with a chest full of medals, or the dude who has been on the edges of several major scandals in Dallas county for as long as I have lived here, but never actively involved. I’m not saying he’s dirty, but he’s been around a whole lotta dirt.

And on that sleazy note, I’m putting this to bed.