This sucks

I have a piece of software I need to run that I bought in 2000 called Desktop Dyno 2000. But my Windows 10 does not recognize any of the program executable files. Seriously, what kind of emulator do I need to buy to get this thing running? It has .exe files for Win NT on the disk as well as Win98/95, and I ran it on 3.11 for a while, so like really old.

This program makes a power curve for an engine based on cam and cylinder head specs or actual airflow tables, something I need for another program that picks things like tires and rear end ratios based on the power curves and expected turn speeds. Also I need a power curve to make my car run in the Gran Turismo series, but that is still a ways off until I can find someone who can write the files to insert into the game files on my PS3, and I can always use the published curves from GM Performance. I have actual tables for cylinder heads that bolt to LS engines to run in this program, but now it won’t run.

Seriously, back in the day I used to love this program, and I would spend hours running it as it made optimized cam timing for the various engines I was dreaming up for the t-bucket I was planning at the time. I made bunches of 383 Chevy small block engines in the program with huge, fat torque curves that would launch a bucket out of a turn like a rocket sled if I could have made the tires hook up. I’m stuck with a program I can’t run and looking at the new version that costs $100 and just “Nope, nope, nope.” All that money and it doesn’t do anything that the program I have now did 20 years ago. I mean the old program could do everything claimed in the blurb for the new program except run on Win10.


One response to “This sucks

  1. aviationmetalsmith

    Manifold vacuum sucks…
    You should do a google search to see if any free apps are available, I mean twenty years have gone by.


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