Back from the Lab Rat Keeper

Good news is my weight is stable now at 195 pounds, I have much less body fat than I used to, and I lost my ass because I’m not cycling any more. Other things, I need to change my nighttime pain reliever to something with less gastric damage. Right now there is no indication of any gastric damage but I have been taking 400 mg of ibuprofen every night for at least 2 years and the doc says that’s enough for a while, so he’s switching me to the generic form of Celebrex. He’s fine with 50 mg of diphenhydramine because I really need some allergy relief at night anyway. But for a while I need to give the ibuprofen a rest. Also I’m not going to be testing the COVID19 vaccine because my previous issues during other tests including the bit about the unable to make new red blood cells in particular.

In other news I finally got my YouTubeMusic app to play most of the music I like after looking up music by genre a few times. So far I get Classic Rock by default, but I had to manually retrieve Electro-Swing, Techno, Trance, and Blue Man Group. Today so far I got a little Doors, some Jethro Tull, some Parov Stelar, some Iron Maiden, and a little Kraftwerk and Dire Straights, and a band called Ace Ventura which is not the soundtrack for the movie of the same name. It’s really nice when the technology works the way you want it to instead of the way the guy who designed it defaulted to work. Now if I could just do something about the way YTM uses battery power…

Nothing much new on the Sprint-T front since the epiphany over the weekend about using one arm out of a traditional steering setup pair of steering arms and use it for the drag link with an additional hole to “adjust” the ratio at the wheel instead of at the box. I did some additional thinking about it and noticed that if I used the drop arms to get the tierod either above or below the brackets and 4 bar links I would have essentially no limits to the steering except the stops in the steering box, even if I kept the rear steer configuration. So, there’s that but nothing really new, because that was implied when I figured out that running the drag link below the 4 bar would give me essentially 180° of lock.


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  1. I’m not too excited about testing vaccines in our current profit-driven medical culture anyway. Glad you could retrieve some awesome chunes!!!!!

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